3 Tips For Keeping Your Appliances In Good Repair

Posted on: 9 January 2015

While appliance repair is inevitable in most homes, typically there are many repair jobs that can be avoided by using appliances correctly or by understanding how to maintain them properly. Small repair jobs or maintenance work can help you to avoid major repair bills down the road, and keep your appliances working for years. Consider some simple but important tips for keeping your appliances in good working order.

1. Keep them clean

Pull your refrigerator out and clean the coils behind it once per month. Clean the burners around the stovetop and the inside of your oven as needed. The condenser coils of the refrigerator won't overheat and spilled food won't burn through the heating elements of your stove or oven.

 When a dryer's lint trap is full, it will not heat as well and will be overworked.Make sure your dryer's lint trap is cleaned after every use and it too should be pulled away from the wall and the area behind it cleaned regularly.

These simple tasks will keep each of these appliances in good working order.  Avoiding these problems with a simple cleaning will mean avoiding major repair bills.

2. Don't overuse them

Your freezer needs room around the walls and the fan in the back in order to work properly, and if your dishwasher is overloaded it will not empty properly. This in turn can cause wear and tear on both so that they break down more easily.

The same is true for your washer and dryer; overloading them can mean more pressure on the drums so that they break more quickly. Don't overuse your appliances but always leave room around whatever you're loading and be mindful of anything that is being overworked.

3. Make sure they have proper electrical power

Older homes especially are not always wired properly so that they can provide today's appliances with the power they need. In turn, circuits may constantly trip or shut off when you try to use more than one appliance at a time. When this happens and the appliance shuts down and you then turn it back on, this puts added wear and tear on the motor or other majors components.

Fixing this problem can mean rewiring your circuits so that only one appliance is on a circuit or upgrading the wiring so that it can handle the power you need. These are not difficult jobs for a contractor (such as Master Tech Mechanical) and they can mean keeping your appliances in good working order and fewer repair bills down the road.


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