Valet Trash Removal In Apartment Communities Is A Must Have Amenity

Posted on: 23 January 2015

As an apartment dweller, you have surely more than once grumbled about overflowing garbage at community dumpsters. It is quite disturbing and unsightly especially when the untidy dumpster is the only view you have from your apartment. Maintenance staff members do their best to efficiently manage garbage disposals. However, they cannot tend to other property maintenance issues and regularly handle the compacting of trash. Valet trash removal answers the needs of both apartment residents and landlord maintenance staff members.

Overflow Waste at Community Dumpsters Drive Residents Away

Apartment community managers have long contended with this problem for ages. Needless to say, residents of communities have sought fit to not resign leases when their contract ends, and they move on to a facility that has better arrangements for trash removal. Along comes innovative waste collection and removal technology, and the new trend is fast becoming a staple in luxury apartment communities.

Unsightly Waste Overflow is Not a Priority

Maintenance employees get to trash overflow when they can, but the piled up and rotting waste is not a priority for them. That is not good enough for residents and the environment. So the valet trash doorstep waste removal services could not have arrived on the scene at a more opportune time than now to provide a more timely and effective solution. The smell of rotting waste in front of renters' nose everyday rubs people the wrong way. The fact that the odors are bad for the environment just compounds the entire smelly situation.

Benefits of Valet Trash Service

The benefit of door-to-door valet trash service is two-fold. All you as a resident have to do is place your waste in the bins allotted you by the valet trash service, and the valet service technician will collect the waste outside your door on schedule. You pay a monthly fee of maybe $20.00 to the property manager of your community. That is additional income for the corporate owners of your apartment complex, and they benefit from the profit.

Valet Trash Services the Answer to Responsible Waste Removal

Like it or not, apartment community managers are learning that residents do not really like walking far and wide on a property just to dump their garbage. They want responsible valet trash services that recognize their needs. Residents also want valet trash services that include recycling options as well. There is no more sensible option than to get on the trash removal band wagon and hire the best valet trash services in town for rental residents.

Valet services, like Progressive Waste Solutions of FL Inc., provide you the bins that you get to keep, and the bins fit right into your kitchen as well. They haul your trash to the onsite compact waste area and make sure that there are no spills that leave an untidy scene. They run the compactor machinery. One of your bins will be a recycle bin, and the valet service transports recyclables to collection centers.


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