Don't Wreck The Warranty On Your Microwave

Posted on: 10 February 2015

When you part with your hard-earning money to purchase a feature-packed new microwave, you sure do not want to void the manufacturer's warranty. Most people know attempting an ill-advised repair job ruins a valid warranty. Generally, warranties cover damage as a result of normal use. You have to steer yourself away from making odd mistakes capable of rendering a warranty useless.

Damaging Components Due to a Bad Cleaning Job

Be very careful how you clean the exterior of a microwave. The rear of a microwave, for example, could have ventilation holes that should not be splashed with a soaked soapy rag. Water and soap entering through the vents may come in contact with the wiring. Upon turning the microwave on, the soapy water could cause sparks and crackling indicating wiring has been blown out. Such negligence probably means the warranty is voided.

So, always allow any cleaned off appliance to completely and thoroughly dry off. Doing so greatly reduces the chances of "shocking out" the appliance and the warranty. You'll also prevent a fire.

Removing Screws and Casings

Trying to repair an appliance on your own definitely voids most warranties. Inspecting the insides of a microwave to see if anything can be easily fixed is probably going to eliminate the warranty, too. Not everyone thinks just unscrewing and removing the casing and then putting things back in order is a big deal. After all, none of the components were actually touched. 

The bottom line here, upon using a tool to take apart the microwave, you have performed an unauthorized action on the model. You took it apart!

Avoid assuming an authorized repair technician won't notice the screws or casings have been touched. Imperfections and dents in casing and scratches on the slits in the screws are going to give you away.

Improperly Storing the Microwave

Abusing a product voids warranties and abuse comes in many different forms. Improper storage, for example, is one less commonly thought about means of abusing an appliance. Let's say you choose to put an appliance outside in a storage shed for a few weeks until you are ready to use it. During this time, moisture from rain and snow collected inside the improperly insulated shed. The appliance ended up rusting in spots and now is not working. 

You would have a very hard time asserting you did not abuse a microwave covered in mysterious rust. 

Your "abusive steps" could entail merely storing the appliance on a high, narrow shelf precipitating a long fall to the kitchen floor. Again, you are not exactly going to have an easy time saying a smashed appliance was not dramatically abused in some way.

The Bottom Line

Take care of your microwave and never perform any home appliance repairs on your own. Leave that job to the pros or recommended warranty service specialists. (For more information on this topic, contact Appliance Tech Repair LLC by Frank Lecato)


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