A Simple Guide For Downsizing From A House To An Apartment

Posted on: 26 February 2015

Life is all about change and more importantly, your ability to adapt to these changes successfully. Whether they're looking to save money or they have simply discovered they don't need such a big home, more and more people are making the choice to downsize from their larger home to an apartment. If you happen to fall within this category of people, rest assured, you can make the transition from house to apartment with ease.

Prepare an Inventory

Begin this transition process by taking an inventory of your belongings.  Unless you're a minimalist or live in a very small house, you probably won't be able to take everything to the apartment with you. Taking an inventory allows you to see what you actually have and weed-out those items that you either don't need or don't use.

When making your list, separate your inventory by room and create two sub-sections, one for donations and another for sale items. You want your inventory list to be as thorough as possible, so it's best to start this process a couple of months before you plan to move.

Choose your Apartment Wisely

Apartments don't afford the leverage to add or configure storage space like owning a home does, so you need it to already be designed to meet your needs. Take along your inventory list with you when apartment hunting. For example, if your inventory list states that you have 30 pairs of shoes, you will be able to look at the closet space in the master bedroom to gauge whether or not it will have adequate space to accommodate your shoes or a shoe storage system.

It's also best to get the measurements for each room in the apartment. You will then be able to compare this to furniture items on your inventory list. There are a number of luxury apartments that have very large and efficient storage spaces, you just have to be willing to search.

Optimize Space

Once you have found an apartment and moved in, make certain that you optimize the space to get the most out of your apartment. This will take some creativity on your part, but it will help ensure your apartment doesn't end up turning into a cluttered space.

One idea is wall shelves. If you had a large, bulky bookshelf in your house, talk to the rental office to see if you can install wall shelves. You could also consider multipurpose pieces like a storage ottoman. It can serve as a seating surface as well as storage space. You just have to be creative.

When it comes to downsizing from a house to an apartment, planning is the biggest part of success. With proper planning, you can sit back and enjoy all the luxuries, amenities and the stress-free zone that renting affords. For more information, contact The Village at Mission Farms or a similar location.


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