Want a Repurposed Fence? Use Wood Pallets

Posted on: 23 March 2015

If you're someone who loves to utilize old things around your home and garden, you probably look for items that are easy to use. When it comes to building a fence, you might be surprised at the items that are available. Wood pallets make an amazing fence and they are rather easy to install. If this sounds like something you would like to try, use the steps in this guide to make your repurposed pallet fence a reality.

Step 1: Measure the Area

Grab a tape measure and measure the perimeter of the area that you're installing the fence at.

Step 2: Procure You Supplies

Take the measurements to the store and ask the associate for used pallets. Get enough to cover the area. Then grab the following supplies:

  • wooden posts about a foot longer than the pallets (two per pallet)
  • a post-hole digger
  • a shovel
  • potting soil
  • a paint brush
  • primer
  • exterior paint

Step 3: Insert the Posts

Dig a hole where the area begins with the post hole digger. Dig about a foot into the ground. Insert one wooden post into the hole and shovel the dirt you removed around the post and pack it in with your foot. Pack potting soil over the dirt if you want a more solid connection.

Measure the width of the pallet. Use that measurement to find the spot for the next post, measuring from the center of the post you just installed out to the next spot. Dig and insert the next post according to the above instructions.

Step 4: Place the Pallet Over the Posts

Slide the pallet over the posts. Insert another post adjacent to the pallet by using the instructions in step two. Then continue placing posts and sliding the pallets on them all the way around the area.

Step 5: Prime and Paint

Use the paintbrush to apply a coat of primer to the pallets. Apply the primer to one side of your new fence or both, according to your preferences. Allow the primer to dry and then paint the fence with exterior paint. Once the paint is dry, observe the appearance of your new fence and if you're so inclined, add another coat until you achieve the desired look.

Skip step four if you want the wooden look instead of paint, and add your choice of weatherproofing material. Expect this project to take about a day to complete depending on how big the area is. Ask your landscape designer, one like Cumberland Valley Tree Service & Landscaping, for ideas on how to decorate your fence with plants or other garden items.


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