About the Importance of a Clean & Balanced Swimming Pool

Posted on: 1 April 2015

Does the water in your inground swimming pool look unappealing? It is important for you to invest in getting the pool cleaned because dirty water can cause much more harm than simply detracting from the appeal. In this article, learn what you should know about having clean and balanced water in your swimming pool.

What Makes Clean & Balanced Swimming Pool Water Important?

In order for you and your loved ones to swim safely in the pool, the water must be sanitized. A specialist can clean your pool thoroughly by first removing any debris that is floating at the top of the water. He or she can also clean the bottom of the pool, but the water may have to be drained before it is done. After all of the debris is removed, chlorine (bleach) is poured in the water because it is the most ideal chemical for sanitation. Make sure you don't attempt pouring chlorine in your own pool, as specific amounts must be used for your safety.

It is also for your pool water to be properly balanced, as it can work with the chlorine for better sanitation. There are five different things a pool specialist will focus on when balancing the water, including the total alkalinity, pH, dissolved solids, hardness of calcium and stabilizers. It is highly important for the pH levels to be balanced because it can lead to your chlorine not working if they are too high. Chlorine is the most important aspect of a clean pool, so you don't want the effectiveness of it compromised.

What Does Inground Swimming Pool Cleaning Cost?

If you intend on hiring a pool cleaning specialist to clean the water, the price will depend on how often you want cleaning to take place. For instance, you can hire the cleaner for a one-time job or on a regular basis. If you use the pool a lot, weekly cleaning may be the most ideal. You can expect a professional to charge an average of up to $165 per month to clean your pool at least four times.

Don't allow the water in your swimming pool to become unwelcoming by neglecting to keep it clean. It is a good idea to stay out of the pool until a specialist has cleaned and balanced the water for your safety. Get in touch with a specialist (like those at Pool Chlor Of Nevada Inc) so he or she can chemically clean your swimming pool!


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