Factors To Consider When Choosing The Storage Unit For You

Posted on: 2 August 2015

Many storage facilities will put their units on sale at certain times of the year, either when turnover is high or when the facility is operating below capacity. You can save money on your storage unit in the short term by taking advantage of move-in specials. If you're lucky, you may also end up moving in at a time of year when rates are lower. Still, there are other ways to save money on your storage unit. Follow these tips to get the best deal possible. 

Try To Negotiate For A Better Rate

Not all storage facilities have negotiable prices, but some--especially independently owned facilities--have flexible policies. Start by telling the clerk or manager what your budget is, and what your needs are. Be upfront about the negotiation by asking if the pricing for the unit you want is flexible. Even if the prices are fixed in stone, the storage unit representative may have some other helpful money-saving suggestions.

Compare Insurance Requirements

Storage facilities may require you to pay a monthly fee for insurance to protect your possessions. These prices may not be mentioned when you call facilities to find out their rates, which can make it hard to do an accurate price comparison between facilities in your area. When calling around, be sure to ask about hidden costs like monthly insurance coverage, so that you can take that additional cost into account when you make your final decision. 

Throw Away Junk, Store What You Need

One mistake people make when they put their things into storage is failing to sort and throw away what they don't really want. Storing items that you don't need and will never use is a waste of money. Before you put anything into storage, sort through all of your items and get rid of anything that you don't really want.  

Consolidate With Family

If you have extra space in your unit once all your items have been moved in, find out if anyone you know would like to share the remaining space (and the bill) with you. 

Rent Units Upstairs And Inside

Like other services, you'll pay extra for convenience. For the privilege of having a drive up unit on the ground floor, you'll pay more than you would for an upstairs unit on the inside of the building. If you're putting items into long term storage and don't need to access your possessions regularly, an inconveniently located storage unit on the third floor may be worth the money saved.

Rent Out Of Town

It's a reasonable expectation that storage units in the middle of town are going to be more costly than storage units outside town in cheaper areas. As a general rule, storage units that are inconveniently located may charge less money in order to attract customers.  

Saving money on your storage unit can take some work and time. However, money saved on a monthly basis can add up, which makes it worth the effort. For more information, contact a professional like those at Magnum Self Storage.


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