4 Tips For Creating A Functional Playroom In Your Home

Posted on: 24 September 2015

If you have the space available in your home, having a playroom can be an excellent way to keep toys contained to one area, while also providing a stimulating place for your kids to play. A fun and functional playroom will be more than a room with toys all over the floor-- a well-designed playroom will engage your children's imagination and help them learn. Use the following tips to create a great playroom in your house:

Think About Storage First

Without adequate storage, a playroom can quickly become a disorganized mess that no one will enjoy spending time in. Toy chests, shelves, and even plastic storage containers from companies like Palmisano Ralph Movers can all be used to store toys and keep everything organized. If the room you're using for a playroom has a closet, adding a closet organizer with multiple shelves can make it easier to store toys. Use baskets to place the toys in, and then place the baskets on the shelves. If you use stand alone shelving units in your playroom, make sure that they are securely anchored to the wall to prevent them from tipping over and injuring your children. 

Use Comfortable Flooring

Small children often choose to play on the floor, so you will want the floor in your playroom to be comfortable. If the room has hardwood floors you may want to put down a plush rug or use interconnecting foam mats to create a soft surface. 

Encourage Learning and Imagination

A playroom doesn't have to just be an area for your kids to play with their toys. Think about encouraging learning and imagination by having an art table in the playroom where your kids can color or paint. Chalkboard paint is becoming increasingly popular, and many parents are choosing to use this type of paint in the playroom to create a huge chalkboard on the wall where their children can use chalk to draw. The way you choose to decorate can also promote learning-- you may want to put educational posters on the wall to help your children learn their alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors.

Decide if a Television is a Good Option for Your Family

While you probably don't want you kids just sitting in front of the T.V., some parents feel that having a television in the playroom can be beneficial. It should not be on all of the time, but having a T.V. in your playroom will give your children a place to enjoy a movie or their favorite program if older members of the family are watching television in the main living area. This can be helpful if you need to keep your children occupied for a short amount of time while you prepare a meal or attend to another task that needs to be finished.


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