Worked Hard On Your Flower Garden? How To Dress It Up Even More

Posted on: 20 October 2015

Garden water fountains look nice in any part of your yard, including in or around your flower garden. If you like to spend time in your flower garden, a water fountain can give you a peaceful retreat to go to. You will also be providing birds a place to take their bath and get a drink. Below are two types of garden water fountains you can choose from so you can make an informed decision on what is best for you.


Self-contained garden water fountains are easy to install. This is because all of the working parts are included inside the fountain such as the pump and plumbing. You can easily move a self-contained water fountain to another area, if desired. The fountain must be placed on level ground. If you do not have an area that is level, you can add more soil to the area and then compact it until it is level. Once placed, the water is added, and then it is connected to the power source, such as batteries or an electrical outlet. You can find self-contained water fountains made from fiberglass, ceramic, metal, and cast stone.  

You can choose many different types, such as a standard basin bowl, tiered, or a statue.


If your flower garden area is small, a wall fountain is a good choice. This water fountain rests on a wall or a fence, and recirculates the water. Many manufactures make styles that are hung on the wall or the fence and can be moved around. They also make styles that mount to the fence or wall to make the fountain permanent. You can find water wall fountains made from different materials. Resin fountains are durable, and you can use any finish that you want on them. Fiberglass fountains are lightweight and hold up to any weather conditions. 

No matter what you choose, you should consider hiring a plumber to install the wall garden water fountain for you, as it does require some plumbing work.

Visit a water fountain manufacturer to see all of the different styles and sizes available for the garden water fountains for sale. You may also be able to find these fountains at a local garden center. They can give you much more information on the different types, as well as how they work. You should not have any problems finding a fountain that will work well for your flower garden. 


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