Beating The Grimy Blinds Blues

Posted on: 11 November 2015

Frustrated by grungy, grimy-looking window blinds? Fed up with the dust and dirt buildup that streaming sunshine highlights on your tired blinds each day? Looking for the easiest way to get your blinds clean and nice to look at again? Of course you are!

Your windows are the gateway of light and outside activity to your home. And who would want to look at yucky blinds day after day? The good news is that blinds are resilient pieces of hardware and in just a short time, you'll have them cleaned up and looking new.

Blindingly Clean Blinds, The Easy Way

Here are the tools you need to grab:

  • Dust cloths (at least 3)
  • Spatula (the skinnier, the better)
  • White vinegar (in a spray bottle)
  • Absorbent kitchen towel

The easy way to attack your blinds is quick and painless four-step process:

  1. Close your blinds. Use the first dust cloth to wipe down any easy-to-remove grime. Don't worry about tough stains yet; just remove the top layer of dirt.
  2. Rotate your blinds so that they remain closed, but the opposite side is now facing up. If you dusted the convex side the first time, you'll now clean the concave side or vice versa. Again, just dust off the top layer of grime.
  3. Open your blinds. You'll be able to see that cleaning both sides got a lot of dirt off, but probably not all of it. Here's where we get creative: wrap a dust cloth around the rubber end of a kitchen spatula; narrow spatulas work best. Now run your spatula-turned-cleaning-machine across the top and bottom of each slat. Look at your dust cloth: there's all the dirt you would have missed – eww!
  4. Finally, repeat your closed-convex/closed-concave routine, this time spraying down each side with a light spritz of plain old undiluted white vinegar. Allow the vinegar to sit on the blinds for a few moments so it can soak into stains and clumps of dirt. Next, use your absorbent towel to wipe clean. Then, run a vinegar-moistened dust cloth between each slat, again using your spatula to guide the way.

Here's the hardest part: be patient and don't do step four until after you've followed the three prior dusting steps. If you skip ahead, you'll run the risk of turning top layers of dust into set-in dirt. And that could mean that you'll have to scrub that much longer and harder.

For more information, contact Sylvans & Phillips Drapes and Blinds or a similar company.


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