3 Finishing Touches To Consider When Separating A Children's Playroom With Curtains

Posted on: 29 December 2015

If you have a large living room and want to separate out a small part to designate a child's play area, hanging curtains from the ceiling can be an ideal choice. While you should take some safety considerations into account, such as not having low-hanging cords that your child could get tangled in and making sure the curtains are hung with hardware strong enough to withstand the weight of a stumbling child, curtains will allow you to hide toys and games easily when your living room requires a more formal appearance. Here are three finishing touches that can make your curtained separation look well-planned. 

Use Dual-Sided Curtains 

Dual-sided curtains will allow you to choose a children's print to face towards your child's play space and a more adult print to face out towards your living room. This completes the appearance of two separate rooms. However, it may be difficult to find dual-sided curtains with both children's prints and more adult themes. You may have to order custom curtains or consider hanging two curtains back to back. 

Consider Thick Curtains to Muffle Sound 

While truly soundproof curtains do not exist, thicker curtains can help muffle the sounds of playing children when they are closed. They also have the added benefit of being strong enough that they will not tear if your child grabs onto them and tugs. However, if you decide to use thick curtains, you should make sure that both the play area and the living room have their own window to allow natural light into the area. 

Transparent Curtains Will Allow More Supervision 

If you have young children, you may want to add additional sheer curtains to your setup. This can allow your children to have a feeling of privacy and separation from the adults but also lets you keep a close eye on what they are doing. Ideally, your curtains will include both a sheer layer and a thicker layer to completely conceal the play space when it is not in use. 

As your children grow, the play space can eventually be turned into a minor guest room by putting in a fold-out couch and drawing the curtains when unexpected guests come to visit. Alternatively, you may choose to turn the private space into a home office. This makes adding quality hardware, such as rails, to your ceiling a worthwhile investment that will last beyond your child's youth. For more information, contact companies like D. Schultz Interiors. 


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