Replacing Your Home's Bay Window

Posted on: 18 February 2016

Bay windows provide large, beautiful views and are a great addition to any home. Because these types of windows protrude outward towards the exterior of the home, they are more prone to wear and tear from the weather and could need to be replaced more often than the rest of the windows in your house. Here are some steps to help you install a replacement bay window.

Remove Caulking And Trim

Before you can do anything with the bay window, you will need to take the caulking and trim out completely. Scrape off all of the caulk surrounding the window using a high quality utility knife. Once all of the sealant is removed, you can use a pry bar to gently remove the trim. Make sure you use a steady, gentle motion so you don't disturb the window's frame or the area of the home around the window itself. Discard all removed material.

Take Out The Window

In order to get the window itself out, you will need to use a drill to remove the screws that are keeping the window in place. Use the help of a partner who can hold the window steady while you remove the screws. Then, use a hammer to pry out any nails that have been used to nail the window into the frame. This should complete the removal process and you can easily take the panes of glass out and set them aside.

Install The Bottom Frame

When you're ready to put the replacement window in, be sure to install the bottom frame first and ensure that the support braces are tightly secured. Depending on the size of the window, you may need to use extra braces to keep it in place and prevent it from coming loose. Smaller bay windows typically use two braces, while larger sized windows may need more. Some bay windows come in a kit that should have the needed number of support braces included for your window's size.

Installing The New Window

Have your partner hold the new window in place and make sure it is going into its exact correct position for the frame. Tighten the screws into the support braces using your drill, and make sure the screws are spaced about six to eight inches apart for good support. Then, install the roof frame around the new windows and drill the screws in securely to the top portion of the frame. Once everything looks good, you can caulk the exterior of your windows. Be sure to use a good, weatherproof silicone caulk to prevent leaking. Install the window trim to the inside of your new bay window using a hammer and nails. Once this is complete, you'll have a fully replaced bay window you can enjoy for years to come. 

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