3 Natural Solutions To Get Rid Of Ants When They Begin To Attack Your Trees

Posted on: 8 July 2016

Ants are an insect that can get in your home and nest in many areas of your garden. When they begin to nest in trees, they can eventually kill them. This is why you may want to consider some natural solutions that can stop them in their tracks. If your garden has what looks to be the beginning of an ant infestation, consider some of these natural remedies to control the problem before it is too late:

1. Lemon, Mints Or Cucumber Peels To Keep The Ants Away

There are many different plants that can be used to deter ants. One of them is cucumbers, which--during the summer months--you can collect the peals and put them around the tree. Lemon peels can have the same effect and the juice can be used to make a natural spray. Another idea is to use mint, which can be planted around a tree to help deter ants and other insects from attacking your trees.

2. Spraying The Ants With A Vinegar Mixture To Keep Them Away From Trees

You may want to spray ants with vinegar to get them off a tree. You can mix a diluted mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Find the trails where the ants are going to the tree and spray them. In addition, spray around the base of the tree to keep any ants from coming back to the effected tree. Vinegar is very acidic, so you will want to be careful while spraying trees and try not to spray too much on foliage. You can also try diluting the mixture more with water and adding ground pepper or garlic to the mixture to make a safer mixture for spraying more vulnerable plants.

3. Natural Baits And Cornmeal As A Powder To Reduce Ants

You may also want to consider a natural bait to lure the ants away from a tree, where they can then be dealt with. This can done using corn syrup in a small pot. Another option is to use cornmeal as a powder, which ants will eat but not be able to process. You may want to consider luring them away with bait and using the powder to dispose of them.

These natural solutions to an ant problem can save your trees from uncertain death. If you have tried these problems but still need help, contact a landscaping service to help you with landscaping designs that keep these pests away.   


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