Four Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Septic System

Posted on: 19 October 2016

Your septic system is your own personal waste-management system located underground. It is comprised of a septic tank and a drain field. Typically, the septic tank is made out of either fiberglass or concrete. There is a pipe that goes into the tank and a pipe that goes out of the tank. All wastewater in your home flows through the tank. The solids separate from the water and remain in the tank until they decompose. All liquid that separates from the solids then moves out to the drain field. A typical three-bedroom home will have a 1250-gallon septic tank. Keeping your septic system well maintained is important because it helps retain the property value, reduces health risks from contaminated water sources, and saves you money on pumping the tank more often. 

Keep Rainwater Away from the Drain Field

Your drain field is working all the time, but you do not want to overexert it. Heavy rainfall that flows into your drain field can cause havoc on it. To keep your drain field working as it should, you want to direct all rainfall away from the drain field. This includes any runoff from roofs and higher ground. A soggy drain field will struggle to neutralize the liquid waste it needs to. 

Avoid Chemicals in Your Septic System

There is actually healthy bacteria in your septic system. When you have too many chemicals in your septic system, the solid waste will have a hard time breaking down. Gasoline, motor oil, and paint thinner are all bad for your septic system. Check out your local hazardous-waste laws to understand how to dispose of these chemicals and more. 

Pump Your Tank When Needed

On average, 10% to 30% of septic tanks fail each year. This is due to a lack of maintenance. One of the ways to help ensure your tank is doing its job is by having it pumped. As your tank fills with wastewater, the solids move to the bottom while the grease remains on the top. Typically, experts suggest having your tank pumped every three years to remove the solids and grease that clog up the tank. This will better allow the wastewater to move through the tank and into the drain field. 

Keep Heavy Items Off the Drain Field

Another key component in keeping your septic system performing its best is to avoid having any heavy equipment or vehicles sitting on the drain field. Heavy loads can pack the solids down in the drain field and can actually bust the pipes. Keep the drain-field area free from heavy items so that the liquids can easily move through and evaporate. 

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