Three Tips For Caring For Wooden Blinds

Posted on: 14 November 2016

Wooden blinds can be an excellent way to add sophistication to the rooms in your home. However, it is an unfortunate reality that many people are not well-informed when it concerns the steps for caring for these blinds. To prevent you from making some simple oversights that can compromise the appearance of your wood blinds, you should make it a point to follow these tips.

Regularly Dust The Blinds

Dusting the blinds can be one of the more routine tasks that you will have to do. Over the course of time, it is possible for enough dust to accumulate on the blinds to lower the air quality. In addition to potentially causing allergies or other breathing problems, this can also damage the blinds as the dust particles can leave small scratches in the wood. Sadly, some individuals may use cotton rags to dust the blinds. The fibers in these rags can be coarse enough to leave deep scratches in the wood. You can avoid this through the use of microfiber or feather dusters. While this will be slightly more expensive than simply use a rag, avoiding damaging your blinds can be more than worth this expense.  

Remove Any Stains That Might Have Formed

Unfortunately, it can be possible for stains to form on the wood.  This can be from children with sticky hands touching the blinds or material blowing in from outside when the windows are open. Due to this type of problem, you should inspect the blinds for stains when you are dusting it. If you find areas where stains have occurred, you will need to purchase a wood cleaner. Use a sponge or paper towel to gently scrub the stain with the cleaner until it is removed.

Inspect For Signs Of Moisture Damage

If your blinds experience extremes of moisture, this can drastically shorten their lifespan by allowing some rather serious damages to occur. For example, moist conditions can promote molds, mildews and rot. However, if it is too dry, the wood may be prone to cracking.

When you find molds or mildews growing, you may be able to scrub them off. Cracks may be sealed to minimize the risk of them spreading. It may be possible for you to help minimize the risk of these problems recurring or spreading by placing a humidity control packs around the blinds. This may sound extreme, but it can help to extend the life of your blinds if you live in an area that is subject to extreme humidity levels.


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