2 Easy Ways To Add Color And Excitement To Your Garden

Posted on: 8 December 2016

Do you take pride in your garden? You may spend a lot of your time making sure the grass is cut just right and all of the flowers and assorted plants get the right amount of water they need each day to continue growing. However, if you feel like your garden currently looks a bit plain, there are some neat things you can do to make it look even brighter and exciting.

1. Use Painted Rocks to Label Your Plants

You may be growing all kinds of herbs and spices in your garden. It is easy to get them confused because some plants look quite similar to others. You can add some color and excitement to your garden while also giving yourself a reminder of exactly what you have planted in specific spots. The only supplies you will need to create painted rocks is a few large rocks or stones, paint and a paintbrush. Choose a different bright color for each rock, such as teal, yellow, and orange. Once your rocks are painted and they have dried, write down the name of a different plant on each one and set it right down in front of the right plant.

2. Attach Rain Chains to the Outside of the Home

Traditional gutters are designed to help catch rainwater and keep it from falling down on the side of your home. If your backdoor leads to your beautiful garden, you can instantly add appeal to the garden from the minute you step out the door by attaching rain chains to the outside of the home. When it rains, the water will flow into the rain chains, and it will look like you have a beautiful hanging waterfall in your garden.

There are tons of different rain chains to choose from, many of which have a decorative appearance and are commonly made from either copper or aluminum material. You can easily find rain chains in the shape of fish, hummingbirds, leaves, and cups. Simply choose a few decorative styles that you would love to have hanging around in your garden and then attach them to the outside of your home.

If you want to make your garden look a bit brighter and more exciting, these are two of the easiest ways to do so. The painted rocks will add such a pop of color between the green plants and any flowers you have in your garden. The rain chains will look elegant while still serving the purpose of collecting rainwater and dropping it down into the ground.


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