Four Tips For Choosing The Perfect Balcony Railing

Posted on: 25 June 2020

Your balcony can be one of your favorite places to hang out, so you want to make sure it has a secure and attractive railing. The following four tips can help you choose the perfect railing for your outdoor space.

1. Determine the Purpose

Although every balcony requires a railing, chances are you have a specific purpose for your balcony. For example, do you simply like to sit out there and watch the occasional sunset, or it an extension of your yard or living room? For a small balcony, a streamlined railing that takes up little space is likely preferred. On the other hand, if you entertain on your balcony, a taller railing with a built in bar top may be a better option. Knowing how you plan to use your balcony can help you choose a railing that will enhance your enjoyment of the space.

2. Consider Safety

Safety should always be paramount when choosing a railing design. If you have pets or children that use the balcony, then you must consider both the railing height and the design. The height needs to be sufficient so that pets and children won't easily fall over the edge. Open picket-style railings must have picket spacings that are close enough together so that a pet or child can't squeeze through or become stuck between the pickets. There should also be no cross bars that make the rail easy to climb.

3. Look to Your View

Balconies are often treasured due to the view they offer, so consider how your railing affects your view before you have it installed. Open picket railings don't obstruct a view, but you may be concerned about safety. In this case, you can avoid obstruction and still have a solid rail by opting for a glass balcony. These are made of strong tempered glass, so you won't need to worry about damage. On the other hand, if the lower part of your view isn't that great, a solid wood balcony or a screened in balcony may be a better option.

4. Match Your Architecture

Your balcony railing should complement your home. An ultra-modern home, for example, will likely look best with a glass or metal railing that features clean lines and a symmetrical design. A quirky beach cottage, on the other hand, may look better with a wooden balcony that features touches of driftwood in its design. Try to stick with balcony rail styles that are made in the same basic architectural style of the rest of the home.

Contact a custom balcony railing installer for more ideas.


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