Weed Maintenance And Control For Your Resort Property

Posted on: 31 March 2022

When you own a resort property, maintenance of your landscape is vital. Your landscaping is the first impression you can make on your resort guests. This means hiring a landscaper, gardener, or both. In fact, you may have a full maintenance team just for your landscaping. One of the issues you may find with your landscaping is the ongoing need for weed control. There are several ways a landscape crew can tackle this ongoing issue. Here are a few of those methods and what you should know as the resort owner. 

Full Removal

The first step your landscape crew will likely take is to do a full removal of the weeds currently visible and growing. A full removal means to remove them at the root and remove the root completely. If the weed is not removed fully, the roots can continue to grow more weeds. The roots can also expand to different areas of the landscape causing new weeds to form and sprout. Your landscaping crew can handle this full removal using the right chemicals or tools. They can also ensure the weed removal does not harm the look of the finished landscape. 

Weed Barrier

If the weeds are a large problem, you may need to have that particular area landscaped again. This means removing what flowers, shrubs, and other plants are currently there and placing a new landscape down. The first step in this new landscape will likely be a weed barrier or a stronger weed barrier if one was previously used. This weed barrier will help ensure that weeds can not push up and grow through the landscape and will help to stifle the growth of further weeds. 


Having a proper weed barrier and full removal of any existing weeds are two big steps towards taking control of your weed problems. There is a third step that will not only help reduce the chances of weeds growing again, but also enhance the look of your finished landscape. Using the proper mulch for your environment is vital to help with weed control. Keep in mind there are several types of mulch on the market. Your landscaper will be able to determine which type works well for your needs and for your design options. 

These are just a few of the weed maintenance and weed control methods your landscaping crew can use on your resort property. When you are ready to begin a landscape plan that includes ongoing weed control methods, discuss your options with your landscaping crew. They can help determine what steps to take and if there are any special treatments that are safe for the landscape as well as the guests.


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