Keeping Your Landscape's Trees Healthy

Posted on: 6 October 2022

The trees on your property are easily among the most important plants due to their prominence and the potential risks that they can pose if they develop health problems or damage. Fortunately, homeowners can hire residential tree care services in order to assist them with overseeing these needs. 

Planting New Trees On The Property 

Whether you are wanting to replace trees that may have been lost in storms or are simply looking to make an addition to your property, planting new trees can be an important investment to make in landscaping. Unfortunately, planting a new tree can be a challenging task due to the size of these plants. Even when the trees are installed when they are relatively small, they can still be fairly large and will require deep holes to be excavated. Furthermore, the tree will need additional care as it adjusts to the transplanting process, and a tree care service may be able to provide follow-up visits that can help to ensure the new tree is healthy and adapting to the new environment.

Promptly Removing Diseased Branches

If there are one or more branches of your tree that have developed the disease, prompt removal is critical for preserving the health of the plant. Failing to remove a diseased branch can lead to significant complications that will lead to the tree potentially needing to be completely removed as a result. Conversely, quickly removing the diseased branches can eliminate these problems before they will have a chance to potentially worsen. A residential tree care service will be able to assess the damage that has occurred so that the amount of trimming can be properly planned.

Assessing Nutrient Deficiencies With The Tree

As with the other plants that are growing as part of your landscaping, it is essential for trees to have the appropriate nutrients that they need. If there is a nutrient deficiency, it can lead to the tree gradually developing a host of health problems that could impact its growth and lead to it being less resilient to disease and drought. Identifying the specific nutrient deficiency that the tree is experiencing will require comprehensive soil tests to be performed on a large around the tree. 

These tests can identify any nutrients that are missing so that an effective fertilizing regimen can be created to prevent the tree from becoming malnourished. Due to the width of the root base of the tree, these soil tests will need to be performed over a large around the tree to ensure that an accurate measure of the nutrient contents is obtained.

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